Paganucci Design, Inc. We are a full service design firm located in
New York City, delivering distinctive and effective solutions to marketing, advertising and corporate communications needs.

Our Philosophy. We are committed to excellence in all phases of the design process from the development of initial concepts through final creative execution and implementation. Our design concepts are market-driven, no-nonsense and image-evoking solutions that meet the highest quality standards.

Expert to Expert. Our highly synergistic, award-winning organization works in partnership with our client’s team to assure a seamless creative process. An open dialogue is key to achieving top-notch results. We work closely with our clients, often acting as an extension to your company.

Why Paganucci Design? Whether your project is large or small, our goal is to provide you with high impact, functional design for each design challenge. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with intelligent, innovative design, delivered on time and within budget.
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