Insights and observations. Design lives and breathes within a context. We are happy to share with you some thoughts and stories about the role of design in the professional and personal worlds around us.

Celgene – 32 Foot Wall Mural
To highlight Celgene’s major accomplishments, milestones and patents, we designed and developed a 32’ x 5’ visual timeline wall mural. read on...
Celgene Mural Blue wall
Paul Rand – A Mentor’s Mentor
Bob Paganucci's big break was when he landed a job with his future mentor – Mr. Rand at IBM – heading up their design center, back in the 1960's. My mentor's mentor was an idealist and a realist, a visual composer. “Don’t try to be original. Try to be good.” read on...
Rand Fair  
Bob Paganucci – Artist, Designer, Mentor, Father and Friend
Thought I'd start this off with a BOBservation of my father. The gift of vision, the stamina for perseverance, the talent of artistry all make for a master of design. From the time he was a designer for the NY Mirror, Managing Director at IBM, Design Director at Geigy, Partner at Salpeter Paganucci, Founder and Creative Director of Paganucci Design to a current artist of numerous expressive acrylic paintings today, his achievements have been inspirational. read on...
thumb-bob bob pag brethine 150 dpi